8 companies offering work-from-home jobs that don’t require a degree

Practical experience is one of the most common qualifications for remote jobs. Hands-on training is a great way to enhance your skills and get work-from-home jobs without a GED, especially for those who want to pursue programming https://remotemode.net/ or another tech job. Search for companies that provide quality training either online or on-site depending on your schedule. Web developers write code to create useful, enticing, and highly functional websites.

  • Work-from-home job education requirements are typically a high school diploma or equivalent.
  • When working remotely, it is better to be in a job that motivates and satisfies your inner self.
  • Many coding bootcamps offer high-quality courses where you can learn the most common programming languages and tech skills such as web development, cyber security, and JavaScript.
  • In 2024, many companies have been calling their workers back to the office, making remote work seem less achievable for many of us.
  • This work includes answering questions, solving customer problems, and knowing when to direct a customer toward someone better suited to help.

To qualify for this remote position, you’ll need a portfolio demonstrating your prior work and experience with a variety of programming technologies. A minimum of four years working in internal marketing organizations or ad agencies is a top requirement to qualify for this fast-paced remote job. The customer account specialist will help customers via inbound calls or chat, identify client needs, achieve upselling goals, and diagnose and resolve technical hardware and software issues.

Social Media Assistant

Here are three entry-level graphic job titles that may not require experience, but will most likely require skills within specific computer programs like Adobe Creative Suite or Illustrator. Here are two https://remotemode.net/blog/19-well-paid-remote-jobs-that-dont-need-a-degree/ entry-level, remote testing jobs that may not require experience (depending on the company). Here are two entry-level, remote programming jobs that may not require experience (depending on the company).

  • You can work from home with no experience by improving your portfolio and maximizing interdisciplinary skills on your resume.
  • Online degrees are designed for students who want to level up their careers while they are working.
  • Being able to maintain self-motivation to achieve your career goals and hit all your deadlines will prove to be non-negotiable.
  • They can also increase their chances of landing a highly paid remote position by learning about email marketing tools and developing a portfolio of their previous digital tasks.
  • On average, however, someone with only a high school diploma makes $809 per week, or about $42,000 per year.
  • Let’s get you your first remote job, so you can finally list your experience on the next job search.
  • According to Glassdoor, the average salary for an Accounting Assistant is $41,713.

And in the professional world, connections can be just as valuable as credentials. Say you’re keen on becoming a software developer—you don’t necessarily need a four-year degree. There are coding boot camps, specialized online courses, and other certification programs that can whip your skills into shape and get you certified.

Life Insurance Agent

They aim to deliver positive experiences and ensure customer satisfaction. They can work remotely or on-site in retail, telecommunications, banking, or e-commerce industries. An inside sales representative engages with prospects remotely or in-office to promote products/services, answer inquiries, and close sales deals. They aim to generate revenue by building relationships, understanding customer needs, and providing effective solutions.

The ability to work remotely without a degree has exploded in recent years with the advent of technology that makes it possible to work from anywhere. And with the pandemic, remote work became the new way of working in this world. No matter how tech savvy we may think we are, there’s always a point in time when we need help, and thankfully, there are plenty of tech support experts out there to offer guidance. The pandemic upended a lot of roles, but no more so than those that had traditionally been done in-person. A proofreader will read a text, noting typing errors and grammatical errors, and because the job is mainly reading, it’s an ideal role for those looking to work remotely.

Translation Jobs

While online jobs without degree requirements are relatively rare, they are available to the right candidates. People do not need a college degree to land a high-paying copywriting job. Thousands of companies around the world pay these remote employees to create high-quality writing content that authors may later use to build their portfolios and advertise their services. To help job seekers without a bachelor’s degree find professional positions, we’ve identified 20 remote jobs that don’t always require a degree.

best remote jobs without a degree

However, there are still plenty of companies which do offer WFH jobs, and rest assured that remote work is far from dead. With the rise of online education, you can now work with students across different age groups and educational systems. There are plenty tutoring companies to choose from or you can even start your own business. As a designer, you have to come up and execute original ideas that convey your client’s identity.

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