Free Monthly General Accounting Checklist Template

Sometimes it hard to keep on track when there is a pile of work you need to attend. Losing track with the company’s cash flow can cause great trouble; hence, to avoid this from happening, we recommend you use our Accounting Checklist Template. They are pretty reliable as they allow you to prevent overlooks in checking your financial-related assignments. We made sure that they are ready-made so that you can use and edit them conveniently.

There’s still one more thing that you have to do to convert the list of activities into an actual accounting workflow. After you use the templates to delegate the client work to your staff, you will have the ability to track the status of the work in one simple view. This allows you to scale your onboarding more staff members faster, which lets you take on more client work and drive revenue so you can scale your accounting firm. They cannot handle more client work because they struggle to find, train, and onboard new staff members.

Client Retention

Also, when your monthly general accounting helps your client to keep their businesses on track, sort outstanding invoices, and update balance sheets, they’ll refer you to their friends and colleagues. Every accounting team manages a set of tasks to be completed to ensure that the organization’s books are closed on time with no errors or omissions. In larger organizations, these tasks often involve multiple individuals across different departments and geographies.

  • Second, it allows the company to adjust its inventory levels based on changes in demand.
  • These examples of bar checklists are designed to be adaptable for different business needs, covering all essential aspects of daily operations.
  • Be sure to include an “aging” column to separate “open invoices” with the number of days a bill is past due.
  • For related templates, including those for reconciling petty cash and general ledger accounts, see our collection of free reconciliation templates.

Whether you make payments online or drop a check in the mail, keep copies of invoices sent and received using our accounting software. When it comes to digitizing and managing accounting workflow checklists, it’s always advisable to work with a solution built specifically for accountants. Instead of struggling with paper-based checklists, you get to create, save, share, automate, and track accounting workflow checklists in digital form.

Financial Cents

Each accounting service in your firm has been following a consistent set of operations. If you make changes to the templates over time, your team will see the updates in real-time, helping you ensure good work quality with consistent deliverables. With Financial Cents, you can easily share your best practice workflow templates library with your staff, so they always know the best way to get work done quickly.

The Essential Bar Opening and Closing Checklist

When you don’t have a clear process for your staff to follow they will make many mistakes. These mistakes will require you to waste time fixing the mistakes over and over again. When there is uncertainty and guesswork, your team will make mistakes and waste time figuring out how to complete client work correctly. Taking stock of your what is the journal entry for accounts payable company’s performance and health is essential for further planning and strategizing, so it is necessary to make sure that the data presented is accurate. Reconciling cash and receipts at the end of each day helps you discover cash shortages or overages quickly, so you can figure out where the money went and identify errors or theft.

Using this accounts payable template will help to keep track of what you owe to each party, and will provide a quick look at the total outstanding balances and due dates. An accounting journal is an accounting worksheet that allows you to track each of the steps of the accounting process, side by side. This accounting journal template includes each step with sections for their debits and credits, and pre-built formulas to calculate the total balances for each column. Can I use this Monthly General Accounting Checklist Template for weekly processes as well? This checklist template is specifically for monthly general accounting. We’ve compiled a comprehensive list with all the important tasks, so you don’t have to.

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With these Process Street checklists, you’ll see how you can integrate Process Street with Zapier and Quickbooks to automate accounting processes, saving you time and money. Get a snapshot of your monthly profit and loss report by entering your financial data and selecting the month that you want to view in the dashboard. This template includes a ledger for tracking customer payments and an accounts receivable aging tab to track outstanding payments. The template automatically populates the accounts receivable aging sheet after you fill in the payment ledger. Add invoice terms, amounts, and payments received to view current and overdue balances.

We have daily checklist templates for those who want to do it on a day-to-day basis, and we have weekly checklist templates for those who prefer to do it every week. We made sure that our templates are accessible, downloadable, and editable, especially in Adobe PDF. Speaking of editable, if you want to customize your checklist, feel free to do so using’s built-in editing workspace that has all the tools you’ll ever need.

Question: What should be included in year end accounts?

Be it for personal or professional use, checklists can contribute to keeping us on track of things that we have already done and those that we still need to do. This is exactly the reason why checklists are considered to be important especially for an accountant. If you are a registered accountant, using a checklist is a must since your job is mostly about making sure that financial activities are accurate. Making a checklist need not be a strenuous one, and is here to help you get through it. Tools like Spendesk give finance teams greater control and real-time visibility over company budgets, employee spending, and invoicing within a centralized platform.

The template includes space to record trial balance, adjusting entries, adjusted trial balance, income statement and balance sheet for each account. For small businesses, especially bars, having a practical and easy-to-follow bar checklist for opening and closing is crucial. A bar checklist ensures that all necessary tasks are completed efficiently, maintaining the bar’s standards and readiness for customers.

To streamline these tasks, leverage accounting software or tools that can automate reconciliation processes, reducing the risk of human error. Efficiently closing sub-ledgers ensures that all financial activity—even that of specific accounts or departments—is accurately reflected in your general ledger. To streamline this process, consider implementing automated notifications and reminders for pending transactions and approvals within your accounting system. Drawing from my experience, I’ve always relied on the month-end Close checklist — a powerful tool that can transform this challenging process into a well-organized, manageable task. This guide explores the ultimate month-end Close checklist, breaking down each step to help you achieve accuracy and efficiency.

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