How to Choose the Best Data Room Solution for Dealmaking

Dealmaking is a lengthy process which requires the storage and sharing large volumes of confidential documents. A virtual data room facilitates collaboration and due diligence simple, eliminating a requirement for physical files and increasing transparency. It also improves the security of transactions and business deals. However, the best solution will ensure your data is safe efficiently and organized. To select the right solution you need to be aware of the features offered and choose the vendor that offers all. To help you choose we have compared top VDR providers, such as iDeals Citrix, and Datasite in terms of data management capabilities.

iDeals is a market leader for M&A transactions that includes global banking, capital markets and collaboration on projects. Their robust toolkit features consulting services, online training and 24-hour support. They offer data rooms that are cloud-based as well as hybrid or on-premise models to fit your workflow and infrastructure. They have a Q&A area to encourage communication and teamwork and a sophisticated information rights management system that allows you to set permissions for each individual user.

Nimbus Platform is a powerful document management and project management application that has a virtual data room (VDR) that places security at the heart of its offerings. The platform increases security by keeping backups continuously on Amazon S3 servers and bank-grade 128-bit SSL encryption. Additionally it also provides a stringent physical security features, like two-step authentication, as well as mobile passcodes.

RR Donnelley Venue offers M&A buy-side and sell-side solutions such as document repository and procurement management. The robust tools offered by the company include security and compliance. The device-agnostic sync feature and 24×7 customer support makes it simple to get users up and running. Its VDR is a trusted tool in numerous industries for its data protection security that includes granular permissions on documents, encryption of data at rest, and customizable watermarks.

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