Virtual Data Storage for Business

As data from digital sources becomes more essential to businesses, keeping it and accessing it needs to be simple. Without a safe and seamless business file storage system companies will struggle to operate efficiently and profitably.

Rather than investing in a whole server hardware infrastructure, businesses can opt to lease space in cloud-based storage for a fixed annual cost. This is also an excellent option for a small business which doesn’t have enough money to purchase a complete set of IT hardware and software.

Direct-attached storage, or DAS is a cost-effective solution for storage of data on computer systems, but it doesn’t allow users to work on identical files simultaneously. This could cause problems when working together or editing large files. This is why many organizations use network-attached storage (NAS), which allows employees to share data from one central storage location.

NAS systems usually include features for managing files, such as version history to prevent employees from accidentally overwriting important documents. This is particularly beneficial for businesses that have to adhere to laws such as those pertaining to data retention and privacy.

Backups are kept in several locations to protect against a catastrophe such as a fire or earthquake. It is a good idea to keep at least three copies for your important data, including an offsite backup.

A few of the most effective business file storage solutions include pCloud, Box Business and Tresorit. Each has native apps available for mobile and desktop devices Third-party integrations, zero-knowledge encryption. The best business file storage solution will allow your company to collaborate with partners and customers more effectively, regardless of where they’re or whether they’re working at home.

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