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At one point, Dent tokens had appreciated well over 1,000% in value in only a few months, generating new interest among cryptocurrency investors. Since Dent is already a pretty established crypto asset, you can easily find it listed on many crypto exchanges. It’s important to focus on the exchange’s security and transaction fees when looking for one to buy your first ever Dent.

  • And the company debuted crypto derivatives in the U.S. in November after receiving regulatory approval from the National Futures Association.
  • Cryptocurrency investors are drawn to altcoins for their high potential returns –– many altcoins showed over 10,000% return on investment in the 2017 bull market.
  • Though web wallets are easily accessible, there are more secure options out there.
  • Learn how to buy Dent (DENT) now and add to your financial assets with a new form of diversity.

CNBC has not been able to independently verify Fortune’s reporting. Derivatives are a type of financial instrument that derive their value from the performance of an underlying asset. Yes, you can buy DENT with ETH by using a platform like Binance to exchange Ethereum for Dent.

Its international derivatives exchange did $300 million of futures trading volume in the last 24 hours. The transfer of Ethereum coins might take a little while to get into your Binance account. A pop-up will appear to advise your to set up 2FA (two-factor authentication) on your account. You should really do this to protect your money from any hacking attempt. Please make sure you fully understand the risks involved in cryptocurrencies and thus not invest money that you can not afford to lose.

It’s important to store your newly-bought digital assets if you are planning to hold it long-term. Speaking of Dent app, do you know that you can earn crypto by simply logging into the app daily for rewards, watching videos on the app, and doing other simple tasks. Once you’ve funded and verified your account, you can now buy Dent Coin. Based on the crypto platform you pick, you may be able to set up a recurring buy and then automatically buy more Dent on a regular bases.

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After you get the Ethereum or Bitcoin, you can convert it to DENT. You need to gain access to the reputable cryptocurrency exchange first to make sure that everything is safe and sound. WazirX is a cryptocurrency exchange based in India that allows users to buy, sell, and trade various cryptocurrencies. Siddharth Menon, Nischal Shetty, and Sameer Mhatr founded it in 2018. The platform offers a user-friendly interface to trade crypto, making it one of the best options for beginners and retail traders. After buying DENT, you can hold it in the exchange wallet, or if you want more security, you can transfer the coins to your other wallet.

  • Some of the well-known brokerage platforms accept many different fiat currencies via bank transfer.
  • Both eSIMs and Soft SIMs enable users to seamlessly switch between mobile data providers.
  • Based on the exchange you choose you may be able to set up a recurring purchase and then automatically purchase more DENT regularly.

Dent is the block chain that has purpose to build the global marketplace. The aims in the future will give opportunity for everyone to purchase and to sell the unites of mobile data. Besides, the team of Dent also deliver chances for users to create better and new opportunity for the Telco’s. Bybit is a centralized cryptocurrency exchange that allows users to trade various futures and options.


Cryptocurrency transactions are one of the most popular things on hacker’s radars. If you want to buy DENT at the latest price, click on the Market tab, then enter the amount of DENT you want to buy. The order should be done almost instantly and the coins will be added to your Binance balance soon. The moment you get notified of your transaction and your account balance shows the arrival of Ethereum, you will be ready to trade Ethereum for Dent. Paste the Ethereum wallet address copied from Binance into the “Recipient” box. A long string of numbers and letters will appear – this is your Ethereum deposit address.

Step-by-step guide for buying Dent coin

After activating your account with proper ID proof, deposit your funds into the exchange. You will need a bank account, credit card, or debit card to deposit the funds. You will need a digital wallet to make the transaction crypto-to-crypto or swap crypto. If you’d like to sell your DENT coins, the process will depend a lot on the method you chose to buy them in the first place. Thereafter, you can simply place a sell order on the platform and wait for a buyer to respond. Please be aware, any DENT coins deposited into the Dent Wireless app cannot be withdrawn or sold.

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The only way for you to obtain Dent tokens on KuCoin is by trading BTC tokens. If you do not have Bitcoins beforehand, you can purchase the same with a credit card, debit card, Simplex, Banxa or PayMIR. You can purchase ETH on Binance (via credit card, debit card or P2P trading) and trade your purchased tokens for Dents on HitBTC. Dent was launched in 2017, and has a presence in over 140 countries, claiming 25 million active users across the world.

Each token initially sold for $0.0006, and there are currently 94 billion tokens in circulation. Learn how to buy Dent (DENT) now and add to your financial assets with a new form of diversity. 1 The use of “featured”, “popular”, “best” and “top” on Finty do not constitute a product rating or recommendation and are subject to our general disclaimer. Calculations in comparison tables will vary based on personal data input. We do this by providing a free comparison service as well as product reviews from our editorial staff.

Step 5: Get some Dent

This is apparent as modern-day societies are making a shift from traditional brick-and-mortar setups to cyberspaces, making electronic banking transactions apparent. The objective of the DENT project developers is to ensure that they can encourage mobile service providers to secure better terms than they currently have. Over the last few years, mobile data has clearly become a crucial requirement. It is a valuable commodity for individuals in both developed and developing countries. Users may interact with one another on a blockchain-based platform to purchase, sell, and give their unused mobile data through the DENT ecosystem.

On the other hand, broker platforms are less complicated and provide an easy and dynamic means for investing in DENT coins. Brokerage websites have simpler user-interfaces and offer financial derivatives such as Futures, Options and CFDs (Contracts for Difference) too. Therefore, you can either buy or sell Dent ownership through them or simply bet on Dent’s market price movements, without owning any coins at all. This crypto coin uses Ethereum blockchain technology to secure its transactions. Consumers can exchange DENT in return for mobile data, and once those tokens have been agreed in an exchange, it reassures the transaction is secure via blockchain technology.

They will ask you for your contact number, verify your bank account or your card (credit or debit), will ask you to upload an image of your photo ID as well. Only after the verification you will be able bitcoin trading to buy cryptocurrency. The cheapest way is to use bank account to buy Bitcoins first or to buy the DENT right away. The fastest way is to use a credit card but you will then be charged higher fees.

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